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What to Know About Daylight Saving Time in 2023

The changing of the clocks forward and backward twice a year is not liked by a good number of Americans.But it looks like that this tradition of changing time will remain the same. When we talk about the big changes in 2023 daylight saving time, there is no special change by the laws so due to this we will still change our clocks back to Sunday , 5th November as we commonly do.

Right now, the rules of the Government tells the states to not keep the daylight saving time all over the year.Even though there have been  talks about changing the laws but nothing decided in 2023.Some of the states want to change the clocks but they are not making much progress yet.

What is Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight saving time is the process of to adjust the clock hour forward in the warmer months and again set to the back into the cooler months.The adjustment is made in order to get the better use of the daylight more and to reduce the need of the artificial lights during the evening.The main reason is to maximise the daylight during the working time, so that they can do the more work and save their energy also.Not all the countries around the world does the daylight saving time and it is done into the some parts of the world differently

What Is the Sunshine Protection Act?

A person whose name was theSenator Marco Rubio from Florida introduced us to the Sunshine Protection Act. He is the person who has been bringing the sunshine protection act law every year from 2018.In March 2023 a person from Florida named Vern Buchanan a representative introduced it also in the house of the representatives. This law will make daylight saving time permanent all over the country. If this law passes we will not be able to change our clocks into the spring.

Many states and the places in the world keep the same time all over the year like Arizona and Hawaii and many more. They do not eligible to follow the new laws. They can continue as they are and moreover if a state before the approval of this law keeps the same time all over the year and they also do not have to follow.

What Is the Status of the Sunshine Protection Act?

It does not seem like that the sunshine protection act will become a law in 2023 because the bill regarding the sunshine protection act does to have the much support to get passed through the committees and or not have the votes that are needed.

In March 2022, the Sunshine Protection Act got through the Senate in an unusual way which is called unanimous consent. Means that no longer even a single man or woman disagrees with it at the time when it was introduced. So it was passed without a single vote. On the other hand a similar bill in the house didn’t make it out of the committee so the sunshine protection act lost its momentum and did not become a law.

What Do Experts Say About Daylight Saving Time?

The experts have the different views regarding the Daylight saving time and all of them are not agree about the benefits

Here are the some common views

Saving Energy

Some studies say that Daylight saving time is the one which saves energy because it uses the sunlight more when the people are awake. It means may be we need the some artificial lights

Health issue

Some of the experts notice that Daylight saving time decreases the sleep which can cause some issues like heart attacks.

Money matters

Some people argue about the Daylight saving time affects the economy. Some of them say that it helps in spending and sales because of the more daylight hours. On the other hand some of them say that it may make mistakes and more accidents will happen because of the disturbed sleep.

Mental health

The changing of the clock may affect the mental health for some of the people and cause serious conditions like depression or seasonal affective disorder.

Farming impact

Daylight saving time helps the farmers because they have the more daylight to do the work but on the other hand farming does not need it now

What People think

The surveys show that the different peoples have different opinions. Some of them prefer to have more daylight in the evening while some of them want the same time in the whole year.


Peoples have the different views regarding the changing of the time in the summer and winter.But in the 2023 the tradition of changing the time in the America is the remains same.Some of the states wants to stop this time changing but there is not much progress to do it in the whole country.Daylight saving time means to move the clock forward and the backward.This means to use the daylight in a more better way and to decrease the using of the artificial light.But the experts don’t agree on it is a good thing or a bad thing.Some of them says that it is the energy saving because of the people use the daylight when they are active.



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