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What is Gimkit Join?

Gimkit Join is a feature that allows students to join a live game in the Gimkit platform. To join a game, student need to look for the game code on their teacher’s screen or copy/paste their join link if it has been share. Then, they can go to and enter the game code from their teacher’s screen. If their teacher is using classes and they’re log into Gimkit, they will join the game automatically. If a nickname generator is being use, they will need to enter their name or approve their nickname. This feature enables students to participate in the interactive and collaborative learning experience offered by Gimkit. 

How to Use Gimkit Code

To enter a Gimkit game, you need to go to the Gimkit website and enter the game code provided by your teacher. The game code can be found on the teacher’s screen or shared through a link. You can enter the game code at[code] or Once you enter the code, you will be able to join the game and participate in the learning experience offered by Gimkit

How to Report Gimkit Hacks to Gimkit Support

To report Gimkit hacks to Gimkit support, you can email them at and provide as much information as possible about the hack. This may include details such as whether the potential hack/cheating situation occurs for live games or assignments, the devices being use (phones or laptops), and any suspicious performance by the students. You can flag/report a Kit if it contains incorrect/inappropriate content or breaks the terms of service. To do this, find the Kit you want to flag, click “Flag” at the bottom of the left panel, select the reason, leave an optional comment, and click “Submit”.

How to Explore Gimkit Hacks

Gimkit hacks refer to unauthorized methods or tools that attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the game. These hacks can include cheating or exploiting the game’s mechanics. However, using hacks in Gimkit is not recommend, as it can lead to a negative experience for both the user and the teacher. Instead, it’s better to focus on learning and engaging with the game in a fair and respectful manner. Using these hacks can potentially violate Gimkit’s terms of service and may result in penalties or negative consequences for the user. If you suspect someone is using hacks or cheating in a Gimkit game, you can report them to Gimkit support by emailing them. Provide as much information as possible about the hack, such as the devices being used, the suspicious performance, and any other relevant details.

Gimkit Login Accessibility 

To log in to Gimkit, you can visit the Gimkit website at and click on the Login button at the top right corner of the page. If you don’t have an account yet, you can click on the Sign Up For Free button to create a new account. Once you have an account, you can use your login credentials to access your Gimkit account and enjoy the live learning game show that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win.



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