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What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online workshop which is conducted online all over the world or specific region, we also can guess from the name as the combination of two words web and seminar. People all around the world can join the webinar and it includes the audio, video and presentations. The webinar can be informative, educational or can be promotional. The presenters in the webinar use different communication tools to communicate with the audience who joined the webinar through their smartphones or computers.

What are the benefits of a webinar

Here is the list of some main benefits of a webinar

  • You can build the contact list of the interested people into your database.
  • Webinars on the internet help you to show that you know a lot about something and that people can trust what you say. They let you teach what you know to the people you want to reach. You can help them with their issues which can make them feel better about what you are offering
  • If you save your webinars then they become important stuff and you can show them to your audience later on.
  • When folks sign up it means that they show they are interested in what you have and they become potential customers which helps you guide and persuade them more easily.
  • Webinars can make teaching new employees very entertaining .Talking about important things is better than writing long texts when explaining.
  • Each webinar you do helps you make your brand more known. Webinars help people learn about your brand and understand what it stands for.

Different Types of webinar

  • Educational Webinar

Educational webinars help people to learn new things. They talk a lot about certain topics and give useful information, tips, or lessons. Teachers, workers or different companies use these webinars to teach others about different subjects or skills.

  • Training webinar

These online classes teach people or groups how to use a specific thing like a tool, computer program or service in the right way. They might show each step, give lessons and let you join in activities to understand how to use it well.

  • Promotional webinar

These online webinars are like ads to tell the people about something they can buy or use. They talk a lot about the good things and what it can do and why you might want it. They try to get you to do something like buy it, sign up or go to an event.

  • Interview or Decision webinar

These online talks have people talking to each other or having group chats and they’re interesting talks where people share what they know, their experiences and thoughts about the different topics. These chats or interviews can teach you a lot by letting people talk and share different ideas with each other.

  • Q&A or Interactive Webinars

These online webinars want people to join in and talk. You can ask questions and say what you think and talk directly to the person leading the class. They want everyone to be involved and make it lively so you can ask things and get the answers right away.

  • Hybrid Webinars

Hybrid webinars mix the different kinds of webinars together in one. They might teach you something while also trying to sell or promote something. They mix up the different ways of doing webinars to try and do lots of things at the same time.


Webinars are the one of the best ways to promote the brand or aware the public about your business or mission. There are a lot of the benefits from the webinars that you can avail and take advantage and you can convert the interested people into your potential customers and you also had the recording of the webinar which you can use as the content for your audience.



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