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Exploring the C.W. Park USC Lawsuit

People are very interested in the C.W park USC lawsuit because it is what made the experts and the folks to think about how the  students got picked by the universities and what are the things about which they are responsible.

Today in this article we will discuss the C.W Park USC lawsuit and where it is coming from and what it means and what their effects on the law.

About C.W. Park USC Lawsuit and their background

What is C.W. Park USC Lawsuit

C.W park Lawsuit is the law which was started because of problems between the students of the university who were the activists and the leaders of the university.

Background of 

C.W. Park USC lawsuit  was started when the university wanted knock down an old building and that building was love it because they think it is a cultural significance. Even the lot of the students protested against them but the university did not listen them and announced the more things that made up the students more upset and this was the thing which made the situation more worse.

The other most important reason for the C.W. Park USC lawsuit is that some people think that the USC admissions office does not treat the students from the not famous high schools fairly. They think these students face unfairness and they don’t have the same opportunity as the others when they apply to the university.

This issue of the unfairness for the some high schools and the racial discrimination in the admission led to the C.W. Park USC law suit. The result of the court case will be very much important and not just for the USC also for the other places are dealing with the same problems. It will show that how universities handle in making their students groups diverse while to be the fair in who they pick.

What was the impact on university and students

The C.W. Park USC lawsuit very much changed the things for the both the students and their university. The one big thing that happened was that students stops trusting the university administration. This lawsuit showed that the university did the bad behaviour with the students which makes the students wonder it their education and the chances are the honest. Because the students do not trust the university anymore and it makes the USC look bad and makes the students worried about the what can be happen the next.

This lawsuit showed the many problems with how USC gives out financial help. People said rich parents could pay a lot to get their kids into the university even if other students deserved it more. This made people worry about whether it’s fair for rich people to have an advantage in getting into good colleges. It made people talk about changing how colleges decide who gets in across the country.

Things very much changed for the university and its students because of the C.W. Park USC lawsuit. It created the many problems in the picking of the students for the university and makes the people not to trust the university. Into the Future USC need to work hard to gain the trust of the people again and to make sure that no matter how much money they have or who they know and get a fair chance into the education.

Reaction of the University

After the lawsuit involving the Dr. George Tyndall who is a former USC gynaecologist and the university has suffered a lot of the problems. People are watching them very closely and want them to address him. Since the case got famous the university started to do more. Now a lot of  the people who were got hurted by the university are appealing the university for the justice and it is very clear that the USC understands how much serious is it and starting to take the responsibility for the things that happened.

The good and the very much important step which taken by the university was the setup of of a private hotline by which the people can report anything bad without showing their identity. This act shows that the how much the importance of to make a safe place for the students and the workers. Moreover USC gave the commitment that they are providing some resources like the people who are affected by the misbehavior , counselling service and many other support services for the people which shows a positive vibe all over the community.

Moreover USC claims that they will take the steps of an independent investigation in order to see if they made mistakes in handling the earlier reposts about the Dr. Park’s behavior. This shows that USC is taking the claims very seriously and they want to fix any issue in how they responded before. Even though it is a hard time for  the USC and their quick actions, they want very much to fix what they did wrong before and make the spaces better and satisfaction for everyone in the future.


In conclusion, the lawsuit between the C.W. Park and the USC made many people to get worried about the how university treats with the students. This fight was started about a problem which was about to knocking out of an old building. The university want to knock out the old building but the students condemned it because they said that the building is the significance of the history so we should not knock out it.



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