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Connect Your Android phone to Windows 2023 – Full Detail

Here is the step by step guide how to to connect your Android phone to windows

1. Go to your microsoft store and download an app which is a phone link, if you already have one then you can update it.

Android phone

2. Now open the app and click on the Android button, if you want to connect with iphone you must have the window 11 installed.


Windows 2023

3. Now click on the sign in with microsoft.

sign in with microsoft.

4. Now put your microsoft email address or skype email address or phone number and click Next.


skype email

5. Now Enter your account password and click sign in.

6. A pop up appears now click at the Next button.

 Next button

7. Now a QR code appears on your screen by which you will connect your phone to your pc.

Now the next steps will be upon your phone.

8. Go to your play store, search for Phone Link, Download it.

9. After downloading it, Now open the app and click on the sign in using the QR code on your pc.

10. Now your phone camera opens and now scans the QR code of your pc with the phone camera.

11. Now allow all the permissions you got on your phone screen.

12. A pop up again appears on your phone screen, read and click continue.

13. Now enter the password of that email address that you provided on the computer screen.

14. At the next you will be asked for a code that appears on your pc, put the same code into the mobile and click Continue.

15. After putting in the code, it takes some time.

16. Now click on the Continue option at the pc’s screen and Done at the phone scream.

After that you have successfully linked your phone with your pc.



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